The Wild Hunt (USA)

October 25th – 27th 2019

Columcille Megalithic Park, Bangor PA

Join Andrew Steed for 2 nights, 3 days of deep shamanic work as we step into the dark half of the year with light to guide the way.

We will work closely with the Morrighan, the Bone Mother, the roots of the Tuatha De Dannan, Lugh, The Deer people, Gwynn ap Nudd, our ancestors, guides and power animals as we stand up for prosperity, for life, for all beings seen and unseen.

We will prepare ourselves for walking between the worlds in Battle Truth rather than War Rage. We will cleanse and purify. We will honour the Sacred Outcast in a fire ritual and we will sweep clean the forces that rob us of life force. We will help the Bone Mother gather the bones of the dead and we will keen home the lost souls of the dead.

We will work closely with the Fae and with nature. This workshop will take place indoors and outdoors. We will be working as shamanic practitioners in, with and as the elements.

Investment for the Wild Hunt:
$225 Workshop costs only. This does not include accommodation or food. Hotels and Air B & B accommodation can be found in nearby Stroudsburg

Payments can either be made directly into my bank account in the USA, please email me for details or with a 5% surcharge to cover PayPal costs via PayPal at

Andrew Steed has been working as a Celtic shamanic practitioner, Bard and leader of sacred travel experiences in the British Isles and Ireland since the mid to late 1990’s. He is s a descendant of the Davidson & Innes Clans of Alba and of the Steed and Daines tribe, the Gypsy River Folk of the Fens. He invokes Spirit in the ancient tongue of our Celtic ancestors. He teaches internationally and has been leading Celtic rituals throughout the USA and on 60 independently led pilgrimages in Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Wales since 1999. He is a professional storyteller & an author of Celtic Spiritual Teachings.


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