Why Choose Andrew


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The reasons are many, and the best possible recommendations come from pilgrims who have already traveled with me and who plan to do so again:

He is a master facilitator of personal transformation. I’ve been able to free up enormous amounts of energy. I have been able to shed old habits and old ways of thinking. I will certainly be going on another pilgrimage.”

– Paul

“He walks the walk and talks the talk. He is able to guide on a mystical, magical journey. I am looking forward to my seventh adventure with Andrew.”

– Margaret

Andrew has a very unique way, a very compassionate way of helping me through all the barriers that I had.”

– Doron

All I can say is that Andrew’s the real deal, and if you want a real authentic journey, a journey of authenticity in the lands, then this is what you need to do. Nature is our school, and Andrew is the perfect guide.”

– Jenna

Here are other important benefits to traveling with me.

  • You’ll be a witness, not a tourist – It’s one thing to ride in a bus and to see things through a window. It’s a much more rewarding and fulfilling experience to get your feet on the ground, to really connect your heart with the land, to be fully present in the moment and to have a fully knowledgeable guide who can help you find answers to your questions. A pilgrimage with me will enable you to explore hidden treasures in the Isles and hidden treasures within yourself and your fellow pilgrims.
  • Small Groups/Customised Trips – With a maximum of 6 pilgrims per journey, everyone receives quality individual time with me, as well as group time and personal space. I design each journey to meet the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the group. You can choose to travel with friends or family or to come on your own. Whichever way you travel, you will experience a magical time.
  • A Storyteller – I could simply state the facts about a place, but that would lessen the pilgrims’ experience. Because I’m a professional storyteller, I can bring life to the stories in the land and relate the impacts that these stories have on all people’s lives. As a shamanic practitioner and an inspirational speaker I have found that the magic inherent in the land sings through us as we travel.
  • You’ll travel with and learn from a native – These ‘Celtic’ lands are the place where I was born, grew up, and choose to live now, and traveling with me will give you the insights that only a native can offer. Add to that my many years of experience traveling around the globe on my own personal adventures and facilitating groups in Jamaica, India, Canada, Barbados, USA, South America, mainland Europe and, of course, in my native lands of the UK and Ireland.
  • Experience – Since 1999, I’ve been leading pilgrimages. Every one of these journeys is unique. With my vast experience of working with groups, my intimate knowledge of the land, and my personal relationships with local people and the sacred places that we visit, I am able to offer an organic experience that is priceless. Benefits include private access to sites that would otherwise be thronging with tourists and the knowledge to finding our way on a well hidden trail.
  • Many pilgrims have described traveling with me as ‘a mystical magical journey, as if we were journeying with Merlin himself.’ Ultimately, traveling with me is fun, a delicious adventure full of self discovery, a life-enhancing and memorable experience.