The Wild Hunt (Canada)

October 10th – 13th, 2019
Located at a private residence near Cochrane, Alberta

We are excited to be returning to the Calgary area to lead the Wild Hunt again for Samhain.

We have space for a maximum of 20 participants so please register early if you are called to bring your heart to this deep medicine gathering.

Are you called to stand up for all life? As the darkest dark rises spreading fear, creating anger, lethargy, despair and hopelessness, the lightest light is rising to meet, penetrate and transmute it. WE are the people we have been waiting for. We gather to step into the fullness of our power as we co-create a bright new world.

An outdoor Medicine Circle has been lovingly built to honour the Celtic Gateways. This will be our cauldron that will represent all of the worlds as we sweep clean the worlds, sing home the lost souls and stand up for life. This is deep authentic medicine work that has its roots in these Isles.

We will prepare ourselves over Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday for the evening festivities where we will woad up and dance this collective journey around the sacred fire.

The Wild Hunt is a form of ritual battle against the coming forces of death and destruction. Here at the gateway of the dark half of the year, we work closely with the Morrighan, with Sun God Lugh, the Bone Mother and the Tuatha dé Danann to help the souls of the dead cross over. We will open up a portal and keen them home. The Fomorian gods of chaos look to rob the worlds of prosperity. We will sweep clean these forces for the highest good of all beings.

This is Andrew Steed’s 22nd time leading the Wild Hunt!

Over the last 16 years Andrew has led the Wild Hunt in Scotland, the USA, Barbados, Canada and Kernow (England). He studied this medicine with Tom Cowan many moons ago and through working with the land and his spirit guides this work has deepened significantly. The Morrighan has gifted cleansing journeys, the 3 strands of poetry plucked on the Dagda’s harp have taken this work to the core. This medicine offers an opportunity for deep healing on a personal level and a wonderful cleansing to the Land, the ancestors and the worlds between the worlds. It is the backbone of a “Celtic’ indigenous medicine pathway, it is a huge responsibility and it is also an amazing celebration of the Celtic New Year.

Come and join us in the Samhain season and stand up for life!

  • Celtic Fire Ceremony with the Ancient Wicker Man
  • Sacred Oak Knowledge Offerings
  • Ceremonial work with the Bone Mother, the Morrighan, Lugh, the Dagda and the Tuatha De Dannan.
  • Honouring of the Ancestors & the Fae
  • Collective Journey; The Wild Hunt

Life death rebirth in the thin veil of Samhain.

The Wild Hunt is a transformative journey that invites participants to work as a hollow bone. Here at the dark half of the year we work the traditional medicine of the Celtic tribes and bring prosperity to all beings as we celebrate the coming of Winter, the Celtic New Year, Samhain.

We will work with the Bone Mother, the Cailleach, Ceridwen, Beira. We will deepen and strengthen a relationship with the Old Crone as we help her pick up the bones of the dead.

We will work closely with the Morrighan, the goddess of death and war, as we work this gateway for life and peace. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to stand in Battle Truth and release War Rage!

The Second Battle of Mag Tuired reflects through the ethers as we stand up for life helping prosperity to flow in and around all beings.

Each year Gwynn ap Nudd/Cernunnos leads the Wild Hunt and we will work with this energy. Weaving as our ancestors have before us, we will cleanse and sweep the chaotic darkness that looks to permeate life and steal prosperity from all beings. We will enter the fray in battle truth to knock the Fomorian gods of chaos off course. This collective shamanic experience is a profound journey that is part of the Gallic medicine of 3. As we ceremonially sweep destructive forces from the worlds we work with Cerridwen collecting the bones and we open up a portal to sing home the lost souls of the dead.

This profound journey is an important yearly ritual for cleansing and healing on all levels. We will we drink from the Cauldron of Inspiration and celebrate the indigenous medicine of our ancestors.

We will gather on Thursday October 10th — Registration 6.30pm Circle begins 7pm – 9.00pm. Friday 11th, 10.30am – 5pm, Saturday 29th, 1pm – 9pm & Sunday 30th, 10am – 1pm.

SPECIAL RATE OF £229 Sterling Pounds non-refundable early bird rate for those who invest 50% before February 1st and full payment by June 1st!

£279 non-refundable mid rate due by August 1st.

£319 non-refundable after this date.

Participants will be responsible for their own meals and accommodations.

This is a drug and alcohol-free event.

Email call Jan Gale: 403-932-6687

email: with any questions.

Contact Andrew at to arrange bank transfers or make a PayPal payment to .  Please note that PayPal payments are subject to a 5% processing fee.