The 3 Strands of Poetry.

Saturday March 11th & Sunday March 12th
1pm – 9.30pm 9.30am – 1pm

At Spoutwood Farm Glen Rock PA.

Join Andrew Steed Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Bard and Master Facilitator of Personal Transformation for a magical journey into the spaces between the spaces of weaving with the medicine of the Celtic Wild Hunt and the 3 Strands of Poetry.

You will be well held as we transmute and transform. A major cleansing and release of fear, anger, pain, sorrow, judgement, resentment, jealousy and betrayal within our own bodies and within the fabric of our worlds. This is a huge medicine offering for the highest good of all beings in all of the worlds.

It is with great excitement that we will be connecting our hearts with the land at Spoutwood Farm where the Faerie Festival is held each year. This weekend retreat will offer opportunities for personal and planetary healing. We will sweep ourselves clean, gain a greater understanding of the 3 strands of poetry which will offer more freedom in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Working with the stories of the Tuatha de Dannan we will open ourselves to expanding our horizon beyond the horizon. We will gather a greater insight into standing in Battle Truth. We will also raise our consciousness and strengthen the quality of our strands of light to support planet earth/planet water and the worlds between the worlds.

This celebration of life will be taking place both indoors and outdoors so please dress for dancing out on the land in the Faerie Habitat, the Maypole Court and the beautiful nemetons of Spoutwood Farm as well as gathering in the indoor workspace.

The investment for this gathering is in pounds sterling. Right now because of the EU exit by the UK the exchange rate is fantastic for people in the USA. You can either pay via PayPal at or contact Andrew at for details of how to make a bank transfer into his Scottish account. There is a 5% charge on PayPal to cover their fees.

Cost for the workshop is £120 payable by Feb 1st and then £130 late registration.

Investment covers the workshop only. Please bring refreshments/snacks and dinner for the Saturday and any refreshments/snacks for the Sunday.

There is bed and breakfast accommodation and hotel rooms to be found in York PA and the Shrewsbury PA area.

Gathering Saturday at 1pm will allow people from the NJ/NY, Eastern/Western PA and MD to travel in that morning and finishing at 1pm gives everyone chance to get home at a decent time.