Cornwall, Glastonbury & Stonehenge

Date to be confirmed – email to arrange


  • Merlin’s Cave
  • St. Nechtan’s Glen
  • Rocky Valley
  • Cheeswring Rock
  • Goliath Falls
  • Tor
  • Chalice Gardens
  • Stonehenge for Sunset or Sunrise
  • Gog and Magog
  • Giant’s Grave
  • Hidden Caves
  • Faerie Nemetons & more

A 9 night/10 day pilgrimage that begins on the cliffs of Cornwall. Come dance the magic of Merlin with Celtic Bard Andrew Steed as we wander the craggy coastline of Kernow, ascend the Gateway of Annwn and discover hidden mysteries tucked into the folds of Brighid’s ample bosom.
Working with the legend of Tristan & Iseult, with Merlin, Arthur and the Grail story, our journey leads us to celebrate our own inner grail. We will explore the rugged coast, the wild mysterious moors, weave our magic on the ancient Isle of Avalon and work with the Dragon Lines amongst the Sarsen & Bluestones of the Great Merlin’s Dance.

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Payment plans available

With a maximum number of 8 people on each pilgrimage there are no refunds of any monies paid in. However you may transfer the funds to another person not all ready signed up for the pilgrimage. This applies to the pilgrimage you have signed up for only.

Please email with any questions.