We spend our lives in our comfort zones, even though many wonderful experiences lie outside those zones.

Hello, I’m Andrew Steed, and I’m a motivational speaker and storyteller who can comfortably take you outside of your comfort zone. I make it my goal to lead my life with inspiring purpose and to inspire others to do the same. My teachings and my training are quite diverse, and whether I’m delivering a humorous keynote speech to a corporate audience, empowering children and youth to build confidence, self-esteem and positive communication within themselves and their environment, or leading modern pilgrims through a sacred travel experience, my audiences agree that their time with me is memorable and often magical.

Andrew Steed was stimulating and impressive, and he moved the mind and heart of every person who attended Sacred Heart’s ‘Back to School Night.’”

— Sister Eileen Kean, Principal, Sacred Heart School, Hanover

So journey outside of your comfort zone and experience the power of:

Power of Pilgrimage Empowering Youth Adventure Retreats

and customer service seminars. All who participate are guaranteed to empower themselves and others to Learn to love to live!