Celtic 2-Year Shamanic Practitioners Course USA

I am looking to see if we can bring a 2-Year Celtic shamanic group together with 4 gatherings planned over a two year period.

Gathering 1. On the Land in the USA Wednesday October 18th – 22nd 2017
Gathering 2. Via Technology with Webinars & individual Skype sessions from the UK to the USA April 26th – 29th 2018
Gathering 3. On the Land in the USA September 13th – 16th 2018
Gathering 4. On the Land in the British Isles May 17th or 18th – 24th or 25th 2019. (Depends on house rentals whether it is Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday.

I am looking to work deeply with a group of people who are committed to carrying this medicine in their hearts, to help with personal and planetary healing. This will be a shamanic practitioners course and if there are people who are called to teach then once this course is completed I am open to offering a teachers course.

As you can see I am planning on having the fourth gathering in the British Isles. I will look to bring two groups together as in the Spring/Summer of 2018 I will begin a 2-Year on the land in the British Isles.

The 2-Year gatherings will give each person a grounding in:

  • Working the Gateways of a Celtic medicine tradition.
  • Deeper relationships with the gods and goddesses of the Celtic world.

We will experience rituals in:

  • Transmutation.
  • Shamanic Death.
  • Curse Unraveling.
  • Reclaiming.
  • The multidimensional aspects of Amrun which include helping souls to cross, cleansing and purification of personal and planetary lines.
  • Faerie Doctoring.
  • The way of the Seanchaí,
  • All night full moon ceremony on the land in the British Isles.
  • The Wild Hunt.

I am looking to incorporate the Wild Hunt into the first week which is why we are beginning on the Wednesday rather than Thursday. We will be joined by others on Friday night for the Wild Hunt portion of the first week. I felt this would be better than having two different weekends for people to book into their calendars.

For the two gatherings in the USA I am planning to be out on the land and we will either meet in the York PA area or the NY/NJ area. Possibly one gathering in each of these places. It looks like the first gathering in October 2017 will be in the York PA area, I am going to check with Spoutwood Farm when I am there in March in regards to the Wild Hunt portion.

For the second gathering via technology my idea will be for the group to gather together in one location for our sessions. This way I can work with you all together via Skype. This will obviously be an indoor gathering however there will be outside assignments for you all.

Costs are for teachings only. Participants will need to pay for any accommodations, travel and food. My suggestion is that people book hotels, B & B’s or look at renting a house for the week with other participants. While in the USA we will look to car pool when we go out onto the land to work. For the week in the British Isles I will look to rent a house and depending on how many people are involved I may need to rent a minibus. Those costs will become clearer once I know how many people will be involved.

Cost for the 2-Year are in British pounds made payable via Xoom directly into my bank account or via PayPal at firstsanta@hotmail.co.uk (Please note that any PayPal payment is subject to a 5% charge to cover any costs).

Total for all 4 gatherings £2,250 early bird and £2,500 late payment (If paid in full by October 18th participants will receive a £250 discount.

Amount (GBP):

For those interested in working the 2-Year entirely in the British Isles the work will take place out on the land in Scotland and in Northumbria and will be over a week period for each gathering. The cost for teachings only will be £3,000.

I am asking for people to pay £500 before May 1st and a further £800 by October 18th with the balance of £950 due by April 25th 2018 to qualify for early bird.

The $ to pound exchange rate is exceptional right now I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it if you are going to join me on this adventure.

I am also offering discounts for couples who sign up together or direct family members who sign up together. Please contact me for details of these.

I am also offering 3 – part scholarships for those who are called to join and may not have the full funds to do so. Please contact me for details of how to apply for a part scholarship and the full details.

Please let me know if you are called to join me and I will send you my bank details.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Much love,